General Information

Wilmington Island Animal Hospital has boarding facilities for your pets. We cater to all size dogs, cats and exotics. We pride ourselves for maintaining a clean, safe environment for your pet while you are away.
Our canine and feline kennels are monitored by experienced kennel personnel and all pets are under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian. Each animal has their own indoor run and all pets are attended to several times a day.
Upon arrival, each pet receives Capstar®. This is to ensure a flea free boarding facility. Capstar® is an oral medication for dogs and cats that kills adult fleas on a pet within 30 minutes of ingestion and is complimentary to our boarding animals.
We recommend that you provide your pet’s regular food and treats to eliminate the risk of an upset stomach due to dietary change. If no food is provided, our guests will receive Hills Science Diet Sensitive Stomach.


If your pet is on medication(s), we will administer them for a nominal charge.  If a guest is found to be sick, it will be examined and treated by one of our veterinarians for an additional fee.

Canine Boarding

Canine boarders are taken outside a minimum of 3 times per day for play time and potty breaks. In the event of rain, we have a covered area for the dogs to go outside to play without getting wet.

Canine Vaccine Requirements

Rabies – Up to date

DHPP – Every 3 years until 10 years of age after the puppy series is completed

Bordetella – Every 12 months

Deworming or Negative Fecal – Every 6 months

Doggie Daycare

Is your pet unhappy or lonely when you are at work? We also offer a Doggy Daycare service where your pet can run around and play while getting the exercise they need to make for relaxed companions at home. We offer 1/2 day and full day rates. Please call for pricing.

Feline Boarding

Feline guests are housed in a separate area to allow them privacy and all facilities are indoors and climate-controlled.

Feline Vaccine Requirements

  • Rabies – Up to date
  • FVRCP- Every 3 years until 10 years of age after the initial kitten series is completed