Wilmington Island Animal Hospital

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Sandra L. Reidlinger D.V.M.

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Some illnesses require that your pet be hospitalized so that appropriate therapy and diagnostic testing may be performed.  The duration of the stay with us will vary depending upon your pet's condition.  Our hospital wards allow supervision by our doctors and staff so that we may closely monitor your pet's progress throughout his or her illness. 

The doctor or technician will call you with a progress report each morning after all evaluations are completed and lab work is received.  Dr Reidlinger and staff work as a team and continuity of patient care is assured.  Visitation is by arrangement with the doctor if it is deemed advisable.

We will make your pet as comfortable as possible during his or her stay away from home.

Pet Related

In addition to professional veterinary medical care, we offer the following pet care services and products for your convenience:

  1. Bullet   Veterinary supervised boarding and daycare

  2. Bullet   Prescription diets

  3. Bullet   Flea and tick control products

  4. Bullet   Therapeutic shampoos

  5. Bullet   Foods and nutritional supplements

  6. Bullet   Information handouts

  7. BulletBathing and nail trimming

  8. BulletWing and nail trims

  9. BulletPet adoption

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Our Hospital is equipped with state of the art laboratory equipment.  This enables us to quickly and accurately assess the state of your pet's health so treatment can be prescribed and started right away.  This enables us to do the best possible job of taking care of your pet's health care needs.

As a full-service animal health care facility, Wilmington Island Animal Hospital provides the following services for our patients:

  1. BulletIn house laboratories to provide rapid and accurate diagnostic test results, enabling our doctors to diagnose and treat even the most critical patients quickly and effectively

  2. BulletOur Hospital has both digital x-ray and digital dental x-ray equipment

  3. BulletSurgical suites enable the doctors to perform in a sterile environment: major soft tissue abdominal procedures, as well as spays and neuters.

  4. BulletDental equipment is available at our hospital to provide your pet with the best oral health care.

  5. BulletAbdominal Ultrasound

  6. BulletBehavior counseling

  7. BulletCancer diagnosis

  8. BulletPreventive health care

  9. BulletNew Puppy and Kitten wellness care

  10. BulletDogs, Cats, Exotic and Avian Pets

  11. BulletGeriatric disease diagnostics and treatment

  12. BulletHouse Calls